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Foot pain? Are your In-grown toe nails hurting? Do you have Problems with corns? Bucksfootclinic is to provide to you the the best foot care service the Amersham, Bucks Area. With many years of experience, we understand your feet.  We provide the following treatments and services:
bucksfootclinicIngrowing ToenailsWe are a regional specialist in ingrown toenails. We promise you a fast consultation and solution.
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailCorns These are often confused with corns. Corns are thick skin on your feet that are painful, when you walk
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailVerrucae’s and WartA verruca is simply a wart that is usually found on the soles of feet.
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailFungal Nail Infection This is when a white or yellow spot occurs under the tip of your fingernails or toenails
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailArch Pain and Heel PainWhen walking, your heels repeatedly hit the ground with..
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailHard skin (Callus)When we walk or stand, our body weight is carried first on the heel and then on the ball of the foot
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailDiabetic foot care/assessment Diabetes may affect your feet in a number of ways. One of the early…
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailHip/Leg/Knee Ankle Problems (Gait Analysis and in-soles)This is to make sure that you are waling to minimise and the pain to your
Podiatrist AmershamGeneral Podiatry / Nail Cutting We provide all Podiatry and Chiropody Treatments. This includes foot care, toe nail cutting services.
 Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailAthletes Foot / Itchy ToesAthlete’s foot is a fungal infection. It can lead to intense itching..
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailChildren’s foot problemsThis is foot care for children’s feet and Children’s feet change quickly and often
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailArthritis and Gout in FeetArthritis is a disease of the joints which causes them to become..Foot Pain

Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailTrapped toe nerveIt is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third toe and fourth toe.
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailStiff Big Toes – Hallux RigidusIf you try to move your toes back, and they do not flex, you can have Hallux Rigidius, or Stiff Big toes.
Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailBunion care and managementMove then 15% of UK women have bunions. If not treated a bunion normally gets worse over time.

Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailPainful Shins (Shin splints)Shin Splints are best known as a running injury to the average citizen.
general podiatry Foot Pain. Ingrown Toe nailDiagnosis and treatment for foot painWith years of experience in looking at feel we can work with you to quickly


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