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Diabetic Foot Care AssessmentDiabetic foot care/assessment

We make sure we help you manage your feet. We know the importance of monitoring and keeping an eye on your feet.
At Bucks Foot Clinic, we have made diabetes an area of care, and strength. We understand the issues and problems and we have worked with diabetics over many years. As a diabetic, do not over look the need to visit a podiatrist on a regular basis, even if it is one of the most overlooked aspects of diabetes management.
We only employ podiatrists, to make sure you have the highest level of care for diabetic care. At our clinic our professional podiatrists are trained in the care, solving and guidance from the issues relating to diabetic foot assessment. We also provide advice and therapy to help those with diabetes manage their foot care. The best ways to care for diabetic feet. (normally we would have 10 top tips, but in this case, we would prefer for you to meet with us, so we can build a custom care plan.

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