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Professional products

At bucks foot clinic we stock a wide variety of products for self management and treatment of many foot conditions. As a client of the clinic you may be advised to purchase and use these to manage your foot condition.The first rule in self management and treatment, is to know what you are dealing with and that is why we use our professional know how to help you.

  • Foot files : In stock are disposable files to purchase as well as reusable structured/shapes files ideal for keeping heels smooth, particularly before applying creams

  • Insoles and orthotics : A wide selection available to patients although we advise bought after consultation with our biomechanics specialist, Jez Ousey.

  • Creams : We are excited to be promoting a number of specialist foot care creams. Some have become permanent stock others are “guest” / feature creams. All the creams are selected for their potential benefit. Flexitol and ureka contain urea which is particularly helpful for very dry or callused feet. These are regular stock

We are featuring Dermatonics at the moment – offering hard skin reducing balm, soothing foot cream and an ultra cool foot gel. Several of our products come in larger, better value sizes and handy travel sizes, so you need never be without the right product to maintain your feet.

  • Anti fungal treatments
  • Amolophine
  • Emtrix
  • Tibenafine cream
  • Lamisil spray
  • Daktarin spray
  • Mykored drops and spray

Consultation with the podiatrist, to assess your needs and Tailor a treatment regime to address your fungal issue. Specialist equipment and expertise to prep the areas for treatment

Also offering :

  • Noveon laser treatment packages.
  • Verruca prevention and treatment
  • Exculpatory prevention spray
  • Warred
  • Salactol
  • Silver nitrate pencils
  • Spirularin

We offer a number of clinic based treatments including cryotherapy and swift- microwave therapy. We can advise you on a treatment plan to resolve your verruca satisfactorily.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Pedi roller
  • Calf bar
  • Arch supports and insoles, also sports tapes
  • Sore toes
  • Silipos tubes
  • Otoform devices
  • Bunion straps


Dr remedy nail treatment polishes and non acetone remover are available to purchase with or without an appointment or medi pedi.


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