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Verrucae are often confused with corns. Corns are the result of friction…

Verrucae are often confused with corns. Corns are the result of friction and / or pressure, whereas verrucae form due to a viral infection. Both can be unsightly and painful!
Although verrucae are considered to be harmless, they can be notoriously difficult to resolve.

There are a huge number of products available over the counter and online, but know what you are treating and remember that podiatrist are specialists with access to a number of proven treatments all at their disposal.

Verrucae commonly occur in young teens and those who are immunosuppressed (due to drug therapies, age or health condition). They are caused by the same group of viruses which cause warts. These lesions are highly infectious, meaning they are easily passed from person to person and area to area.

The first thing your podiatrist will do, is identify the true nature of the lesion – verrucae or corn, before then advising you on the best treatment regime for you – even if this is to not treat. Several of the treatment options rely upon creating an immune response, so that the body actually fights the infection to resolve it and reduce the chance of developing further infections in the future.

Prevention is better than cure – how to avoid catching verrucae.

• Avoid direct contact with verrucae / warts, including your own warts, remember to wash your hands after touching / treating the warts / verrucae. Do not be tempted to pick or cut lesions.
• Avoid walking barefoot around swimming pools, locker rooms and gym’s. wear flip flops/wet shoes or protector spray to prevent spread and re infection. If you have a verrucae – wear a rubber verrucae sock.
• Do not use the same emery board, pumice stone, or nail clippers that you would use on healthy skin. Do not share these tools with others.
• Do not share footwear.

Early detection and treatment often results in faster and better outcomes.

Treatment options available at Bucks Foot Clinic

* Swift Microwave Therapy –
This is the very latest in verrucae treatment and only available in a handful of practices, it has been particularly helpful in the treatment of stubborn lesions.

* Chemotherapy / Acid –
We have a number of different high strength acids which we expertly apply and monitor.
Homeopathic options are also available – a form of algae.

* Cryotherapy / freezing therapy –
Freezing kits are available to buy from pharmacies, however they are not as effective or as cold as the cryopen we utilise. This device allows liquid nitrogen to be accurately targeted at even the most awkwardly located lesion.

* Dry Needling –
This physical method is usually done under local anaesthetic for maximum comfort.

Together we can find the perfect solution.

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